student of the month

We are honored to have Grady Davis as our Pontiac September Student of the Month. The teachers spoke very highly about Grady. They mentioned how caring, hardworking, and polite Grady is on a daily basis. 

Grady’s parents are Brian and Casey Davis. Grady has 2 younger sisters: Hadley who is 6th grade and Libby in 1st grade.  Grady has been a resident of Fairview Heights for ten years. His family previously lived in Madison, Wisconsin. Grady will be attending Belleville East High School next school year. 

Grady is a fantastic student at Pontiac. He has received all A’s while attending Pontiac.  Grady said his favorite subject is science because he likes to know why things work the way that they do, behave how they do, and how they do that. Grady has participated in student council, science olympiad, chess team, baseball, and National Junior Honor Society. Outside of school, Grady plays for the Blue Sox baseball team and he also enjoys camping, fishing, and playing with his friends. 

Grady feels education is important because it makes you well rounded. Grady would like to be a State or National Park Ranger when he grows up because he likes to be outside and he loves animals. Whatever job Grady has in the future he wants it to be outside and he wants to help animals and the environment. 

Congratulations, Grady!