November student of the month header image

We are honored to have Emily Hasberger as our Pontiac November Student of the Month. The teachers had a lot to say about Emily:

"She is quiet, but she is a very strong student that helps anyone and everyone. "

"Emily is polite, kind, always completes work on time. She is an all around great student."

"Emily leads by example. She is not the most vocal student, but is a model student through her actions at school. Emily gives 105 percent to everything she does. She is a very motivated and goal driven student."

"She always is positive and optimistic. She strives to do her best in everything she tries. She makes a point to always be polite and kind to others."

Emily’s parents are Marc and Marsha Hasberger. Emily has three siblings: older sister, Beth, is 21, and two older brothers: Josh is 28 and Daniel is 15.  Emily has been a Fairview Heights resident her entire life and she will be attending O’Fallon Township High School next school year. 

Emily is a fantastic student at Pontiac. She has received all A’s while attending Pontiac.  Emily said her favorite subject is social studies because she loves learning about the history of the world.  While attending Pontiac Emily has participated in science club, drama club, and National Junior Honor Society. Outside of school, Emily enjoys participating in competitive gymnastics, church youth group, hanging out with friends, riding bikes, and painting.

When asked why she feels education is important Emily said, “Doing your best in school and getting a good education is extremely important, especially if you want to have a successful future. Without doing your best in school it is hard to get a good education. You need a good education to get a good job and to support your family. Plus you should always try your best no matter the circumstances.” Emily would like to be a lawyer when she grows up because she is interested in debate and law. 

Emily is an outstanding student who will continue to work hard in everything she does. 

Congratulations, Emily!