Harold Varner III Talks to PJH 8th Graders

Professional Golfer Harold Varner III took time in his busy schedule to talk to our students here at Pontiac Jr. High. Harold has been on the PGA tour for the last four years. He is a Jordan Brand Athlete who has found great success in professional golf. 

A little info about Harold: In 2016, Harold was the first African American golfer to advance to the PGA Tour via the Web.com Tour. Along with his success in America, Harold was the 3rd African-American to win on the European Tour along with Vincent Tshabalala of South Africa and the great Tiger Woods. Harold still finds great success on tour and you will find him in the hunt on Sunday for many PGA tour events. 

In 8th grade health we discuss how dreams and goals should drive our decisions through life. No matter what, you should always have a dream. Allow that dream to guide you to make healthy decisions. Always be good to everyone. And no matter what, you will end up being successful. This is Harold's message. 

Harold answered questions created by Mr. McDowell's 8th grade class. He had a great message along with answering some fun questions like his relationship with Michael Jordan or what his favorite video game is to play. 

Thank you Harold! We can proudly say that all of us in the Pontiac Community are BIG Harold Varner III fans and he is a part of the #105percent family!

Watch Harold's video below!