young authors

If your child (kindergarten through 8th grade) has expressed interest in participating in the Young Authors’ contest, please read through the included information to help guide your child through the process. Your child’s bound copy of his/her writing must be submitted by Wednesday, March 23rd to qualify for judging. If you have any questions, please contact me either by phone or email. Thank you in advance for encouraging your young author to explore their creative side!

Important Dates: 

  • Wednesday, March 23rd –Final copies are due to Mr. Carter for judging 

  • March 28 - April 1st- Young Author books will be on display in the dome (north end) during the spring Scholastic Book Fair.

  • Friday, April 1st– Judging is completed 

  • Monday, April 4th – School-wide winners are announced

Use THIS CHECKLIST to make sure your work is ready for judging.

Print out and complete THIS DOCUMENT, then glue it to your child's work to make sure it's identified correctly.

More Contest Info

  • Books that are dictated by a student may be typed or handwritten by an adult. However, they must be in the student’s own words. 
  • Students may write about any topic they choose. 
  • Books should be written and illustrated by only one student. 
  • Entries must have a sturdy cover on front and back and have the Manuscript Identification Form attached to the inside front cover. 
  • Poems are eligible; however it must be a collection of at least 3 original poems. 
  • Illustrations can be hand-drawn or printed out. You can use any materials for illustrations as long as it is on paper and does not bleed through to the other side. 
  • The book must be at least 4 inches by 8 inches to fit the Manuscript Identification Form. 
  • All entries are due no later than, March 23
  • Questions? Contact Mr. Carter via email  or voicemail at 233-7588 ext. 106.