Huge Thanks to Burlington for Amazing Donation

In hopes of raising funds for the PJH drama club to purchase new sound and lighting equipment, Mrs. Sturgill created a donation page at  The following is an excerpt from Mrs. Sturgill’s profile page (and can be found at, 

“In a district with limited fine arts opportunities, Drama club offers an outlet for creative expression. There are a variety of ways for students to participate in Drama club, including acting, lighting, artistic stage craft, make-up and sound engineering. Eligible students come from three grade levels, and our club represents students from diverse backgrounds and academic abilities. Any student that expresses interest can find a home in Drama club. Over the years Drama Club, as well as other programs (band, chorus, etc) have made due with limited, out-dated sound equipment and stage lighting. We are in dire need of updates to our equipment. We want the fantastic talents at PWH to be showcased in a way they've never been able to before. Help us enrich the extracurricular lives of our students through cooperative dramatic experiences.”

Since posting on the donation site, PJH drama club had only raised about $100 towards their lofty $7,000 goal.  That has changed with a substantial donation from Fairview Heights’ very own Burlington Stores.  Burlington donated $1,200 toward PJH drama club in an effort to better our equipment, and thus our shows.  We are beyond thankful for this huge donation!  Burlington Stores, Pontiac Jr. High Drama Club thanks you for your support in the local arts and the youth in our community!