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In-Person Learning Starts Next Week! 

We will be offering in-person learning on the hybrid A/B schedule starting Tuesday, January 19th.  Starting on January 19th, your child will be assigned to the same hybrid schedule he or she was on previously unless you have requested a change.  An email was sent out last week to confirm what form of instruction your child is enrolled in (full remote or hybrid).  You only need to reach out to us if you are interested in making a change.  This enrollment will be for the 3rd quarter and starts on 1/19.  We will ask again if you would like to make a change at the end of the 3rd quarter.  Once again, we certainly appreciate your support and communication with us. 

Forms Needed for In-Person Learning ONLY - If your child will be returning to in-person learning next week, you need to complete the 2nd Semester self-certification form before he/she can return.  We would also appreciate you completing the transportation form so we can verify how your child will be getting home from school.  Both forms need to be completed once for each child you have enrolled.  Please help us by doing this ASAP!

Self-Certification Form -

Form to Verify Transportation (WH Students Only) -

We look forward to seeing you in person or virtually this semester!