December Student of the Month

We are honored to have Alex Anderson as our Pontiac December Student of the Month. The teachers shared the following about Alex:

"I remember Alex coming to our district in 4th grade.  I had the honor to be his teacher that year.  His personality and enthusiasm were evident from the beginning.  I still remember some of our conversations about sharks.  I then had the privilege to have Alex in 6th grade for social studies.  It was refreshing to see that his personality and enthusiasm had not changed.  He is an excellent student and a great young man."

"Alex is hard working, friendly, enthusiastic, and musically talented. He always greets the staff with a smile."

"Alex has a great sense of humor and he brings a great perspective to class. He provides a perspective in class that makes his classmates think deeper."

"Alex is always polite and kind to everyone around him. He has a great sense of humor! He always tries his best and puts in 105% effort!"

Alex’s parents are Tony and Alondra Anderson. Alex has a sister named Trinity.  Alex previously lived on Scott Air Force Base before moving to Fairview Heights and has resided here for the past 5 years.  Alex will be attending O’Fallon Township High School next year. 

Alex is a fantastic student at Pontiac.  Alex’s favorite subject is English-Language Arts because he loves reading and enjoys the class.   While attending Pontiac Alex has participated in soccer, track, band, and National Junior Honor Society. Outside of school, Alex practices the piano and used to participate in karate. He enjoys video games, playing basketball outside, and jumping on the trampoline. 

When asked why he feels education is important Alex said, “I think it is important because without a good education you might not be able to accomplish your life goals.” Alex would like to be a marine biologist when he grows up  because he loves the ocean and has a desire to find a brand new species. 

We are proud to have Alex as our student of the month!