PJH January Student of the Month

We are honored to have Thomas Harvey as our Pontiac January Student of the Month! The teachers shared the following about Thomas:

"Thomas has a fantastic work ethic, asks great questions, and is friendly to his classmates and the staff."
"Thomas is that one student you always look forward to seeing at school. He is polite. He has a great sense of humor. He is never afraid to ask for help or provide help to his fellow classmates. He loves participating in school functions and extra curricular. He takes great pride in being apart of the Pontiac family"
"Thomas is such a hard worker. He uses his time wisely and comes to office hours if he has questions. He is thoughtful and caring to his classmates. Thomas is always interacting in the google meets, and has a great attitude in the classes."

Thomas’s parents are Kathleen Harvey and Theresa Schnenk. Thomas has two siblings: Evan who is 14 and Shannon who is 26. Thomas will be attending O’Fallon Township High School next school year. 

Thomas is an extremely hard working student. His favorite subject is social studies because he likes to learn about history.  Thomas likes to read, swim, watch Netflix, and hang out with his friends. 

Thomas is not sure what the future holds for him in the form of a career, but he knows he wants his job to be active and does not want to be sitting down all day. 

Thomas has a great spirit and a wonderful outlook on life!