IAR Spirit Week header

Attention William Holliday and Pontiac students! 

Get ready for IAR and ISA testing next week by celebrating Spirit Week and dressing up during our special days during the week of April 26-30. Here's what you can do:

  • Monday: "STRONGER TOGETHER" - Wear your PWH Stronger Together t-shirt. We will get through the tests together!
  • Tuesday: "KNOCK THE SOCKS OFF THE TEST" - Wear silly socks to show you will do your best on the test!
  • Wednesday: "DON'T SWEAT THE TEST" - Wear your sweat pants, relax, and ace the test!
  • Thursday: "DREAMING OF SUCCESS" - Rest up and dream of success on the test. Wear your PJs to school!
  • Friday: "HATS OFF TO COMPLETING THE TEST" - Wear  your favorite hat to celebrate completing the test!