march student of the month

We are honored to have Sylvia McFall as our Pontiac March Student of the Month. The teachers shared the following about Sylvia:

She is great about helping other students who are struggling. She does a great job remaining calm in situations that frustrate her and she continues to progress, mature, and grow as a person and a leader. 
Just a ball of sunshine whenever she walks into the room. She is always happy to see her teachers and former teachers. She has the best personality and she always shows compassion towards her fellow classmates.
Sylvia is a student that will stand up for what she believes is right for herself and other students.
Sylvia is extremely respectful. She always has a smile on her face and is a joy to be around.

Sylvia is the proud daughter of Shamica Smith. Sylvia has two older siblings: one sister, Talya Edgerly, that is 19 and a 24 year old brother Christian McFall.

Sylvia has proudly lived in Fairview Heights her entire life, and we have enjoyed watching her grow up in our district since kindergarten. Sylvia will be attending Belleville East High School in the fall. 

Sylvia is an honor roll student. Her favorite subject in school is math because she likes the challenges it presents. Sylvia has participated in track and softball while at Pontiac. Outside of school Sylvia enjoys hanging out with friends, shopping, and binge watching television shows. 

Sylvia feels school is important because it makes you stronger mentally: “School prepares you for the real world. Getting a good education will help you be successful in life.”  Sylvia would like to be an OB-GYN or pediatrician when she grows up because she would like to help kids or “deliver a baby into this world.” 

Sylvia is compassionate and caring, and we will miss her smile and demeanor around the halls of Pontiac Jr. High next year.